La caja de mis secretos

The Seroent and the Firefly. 
Legend has it that a snake chased a firefly to devour it.The little insect went as far as possible to escape the snake.For days it was an intense chase.
After a while, the firefly exhausted, stopped and said to the serpent:
“Can I ask you three questions?”
The serpent replied:
“I’m not used to giving concessions, but I’m going to eat anyway …”
– Do I belong to your food chain?
-No you don’t
“Did I do something to you?”
-Nothing at all
– And then … ..Why do you want to eat me?
-Because you shine !!!

Moral of story:

IMG-20171004-WA0002 On many occasions you meet people who will only criticize you, condemn you, label you, although you have never done anything to them and you are a cordial person with them.And all that, is because like the firefly, you have your own brilliance, you light your way and the path of many who roam the darkness.You shine more than the others, like a firefly at night and that, it is something difficult to endure for other people, because they lack that inner light, that shine itself and it hurts you to shine.They are polluted people who only live in unhappiness, stay away from them.

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